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The Simplest Possible Setup

by Ettie Street Project

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I broke the seal one moment I broke the seal again I broke it to remember the best thing I've had this time its for real I've got a thing for truth I've got a thing for anything that resembles all I knew I've got to find a woman I've got to find a man I've got to get my fix or do the best I can I've got to let it go but not too soon I want to find something now that resembles all knew Each time I move I want a little more some call it life but I'm not sure make no mistake stakes are low when the game is played and the answers are for show
Timeline 05:33
breaking out shape changing peeling down she lived out that side of the universe it's time to turn around facing doubt in the clear it's fight or flight and seeking higher ground no words said there's more to pain and pleasure than what's fading can not stop the indecision the timeline turns into religion holding on, caving in breaking through shape changing one look past the darkened clearing one look past to forget feeling moving on to side with chance turn the page it happens fast
D Grind 07:06
Capsule 04:24
an image saved in black and white memories fade colorblind we turned the page we made things right we still can't change the capsuled time how long will these feelings arise severed inside the scenes replayed we hit rewind the surface flow is spreading wild with every scene dug down low memories leave the rest unknown For one last look one last taste one last love one last hate
The Edge 03:31
In this world we get lost can't find a way at any cost standing on the edge of something just can't wait to jump in but this time it's fight or flight respond, reply a change in sight got to move on to something true just this moment that's with you never before never again until you're here until the end we wait, we wait, we wait by the time it comes it's way too late asking everyone you know will it stop will it go we play the game win or lose roll the dice you''ve got to choose standing on the edge of something you are ready so lets begin was it you they believed in was it really no one else's fault when will we know how to crawl back in when will we hear the call timeless, spaceless, faceless wandering aimless more than you were more than you lost more than you fear you have become this standing on the edge of something taking all you can get trying hard to remember truth you never could forget
Neptune 05:28
froze in the moment she holds herself in the room looking towards the end point waiting for the fool i am the reason she said, I am the truth everything inside of me is everything inside of you peel down your faces tear down the rules everything inside of me is everything inside of you caught in comotion sweeping up the few who are stranded on the meaning when the meaning says nothing new where are the people who say they've got a clue she said, all I have is the moment and its getting harder to break loose peel down your faces tear down the rules everything inside of me is everything inside of you she finds herself on the move to forget everything she knew she'll close her eyes to remember but her memory has the choice to choose what is the reason what are the rules everything inside of me wants everything inside of you where are the people who say they've got a clue everything inside of me wants everything inside of you
Boxcar 04:33
Lucid 05:04
blurry vision caught in the street lights who knows am i gonna make it home tonight? to take for granted everything will work out and in the end what was it all about? too many questions in my head what happened here what was said? in this world there are two directions slowing down losing attention I want to sleep i try to run my legs feel heavy my thoughts are numb each block i turn reveals new plans this should make no sense but I understand its a long road at least it seems anything can be coming at me with worlds in mind I'll think it twice roll the dice it doesn't end i have no fear what is real is for me to feel there are no rules outside my mind flip the switch one more time
100 Hits 05:39
lost in flight braced in time for love and life fear subsides exit here spiral in with faith or fear I'm falling in lost in flight braced in time for love and life fear subsides exit here spiral in she embodied the goddesses with every dance we freaks are one our fates are sealed our thoughts are gone the echoed sounds that we've become no where to hide no where to run two bodies merged a greater sum in every move what we become when all alone she'll dance until her thoughts are gone her world is still She knows the feeling she has no fear with every move The worlds revealed vision set one with sound on the ledge and staring down beyond the faith the sense is real in full embrace the worlds revealed a private universe in her own time in her own words sound and motion full devotion all the worlds are merged


Ettie Street Project is a collaboration between Tom Lattanand, Rob Gwin, and various musicians in the Bay Area music community. From 2007 through 2012, their Oakland studio on Ettie Street, the Orange Room, was a hub of musical experimentation, gatherings, and performances. This album reflects this time.

"The Simplest Possible Setup" is released as a tribute to one of our drummers, Jorgen Stensson, who passed away in December of 2012. Jorgen was a brilliant musician, DJ, and sound engineer whose meticulous ears pushed us and everyone around him to work at our highest levels.


released October 14, 2013

Produced by Tom Lattanand and Rob Gwin
Mixed by Tom Lattanand
Tracks 5 and 10 mixed by Jorgen Stensson, Marcel Cacdac, and Tom Lattanand
Mastered by Stephen Barncard

Special thanks to: Scott Theakston, Tim Bremner, John Merrill, Bill Witter, Marcel Cacdac, and Steve Barncard.

Tom Lattanand (guitar, vocals, keyboards, synths), Rob Gwin (bass, synths), Damon Hope (drums trks 2,3,4,6,7,8,9,11), Micah McClain (drums trks 1,2,4), Jorgen Stensson (drums trks 5, 10), John Merrill (percussion trks 1,2,4,6,8,), Bill Witter (tabla trk 2), Artemis Robison (vocals trks 2,11), Audio Angel (vocals trks 1,5), Emily Rich (vocals trk 4), Sylvain Carton (bari and alto sax trks 3,6,8,11), Mitch Marcus (tenor and alto sax trks 5,10), Henry Hung (trumpet trks 3,6,8,10,11), Cornelius Boots (bari and alto sax trk 3), Liz Larson (trombone trk 9), Joey Chang (cello trk 1)

Recorded and mixed at the Orange Room in Oakland, CA

Cover Art by Anastasia Lattanand

copyright 2013
Jazzcubed Records


all rights reserved



Ettie Street Project Oakland

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